Rice to the rescue

So... this past week hasn't been my shining moment that's for sure. I have my fair share of clutzy moments, and a couple of those clutzy moments involve electronics and water. Last time I checked, you are NOT supposed to mix those two. Apparently I forgot that fact of life.

Incident #1: I was heading to the bathroom, pulled down my gauchos and heard a caplunk. Ipod in toilet! Ahhh. (Clean toilet, don't worry.) Grab Ipod out, take off case, shake, shake, shake... pray it still works. Shake head at self while trying to dry out Ipod. Finish using the toilet. Inspect Ipod closer, and discover ... IT WORKS! Phew. Apparently that case is good for more than I realized. Water damage, nil!

Incident #2: Cooking in the kitchen with Leah. Chatting it up. Kitchen is a bit of a dead zone for cell reception, so I propped my phone in the window. Normal, but chose a bad window this time. You know, the window over the sink... full of water. Go on with dinner prep, phone rings and vibrates itself off the window! CaPLUNK. It fell directly into the soapy water. Not good. Disassemble phone. Shake. Shake. Shake. Remember that rice withdraws moisture. Prepare cup of rice, and "immerse" phone in rice. Leave overnight. VICTORY! Phone works once again! Phew.

Moral of the story: Beware of water when using electronic devices, and if you find your electronics encountering water... try rice. It works!
Oh and try not to be a clutz like me ;)


Karen Reyburn 12:51 PM  

you're so clever! i love the rice tip!

Anonymous 6:00 PM  

my husband learned the hard way that rice doesn't help so much if you've been swimming for 5 minutes or so and then remember the phone is in your pocket! Camp was a little more expensive than usual this year! Got to see picture of you however! Yeah!

Nancy S.

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